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S  H  A  W  N    F  I  S  H  E  R

P L A Y W R I T I N G / P E R F O R M A N C E / G E N E R A L

C O U R S E S   T A U G H T



THEA4250/6250/ENGL4250/6250 - Playwriting: Graduate and undergraduate level Theatre/English dual listing. Fundamental and advanced playwriting skills including the creation of character, story, dramatic arc, need, obstacle, conflict, setting, themes, motifs, symbolism, theatre for social change, adaptation and so forth.


THEA1713 - Playscript Analysis: Undergraduate level fundamentals course. Teaches the skills of reading, interpreting and understanding the playwright's intent, actor's instructions, director's cues and the wide range of expected artist interpretation involved in creating a complete work of art in performance.


THEA4710/6710 - Contemporary Theatre: Graduate and advanced undergraduate level course exploring the catalogue of plays written within the past 10-20 years. Includes an exploration of culture, politics, trends and contemporary styles of theatre.


THEA4860 - Playwriting Company Workshop: see next





THEA4860 - Playwriting Company Workshop: Graduate and undergraduate level. Teaches student actors, directors, writers, designers and managers the process of writing, refining and producing their own work and that of their fellow company members. Includes a strong emphasis on the writing and revising process as well as the contributions that actors and directors can make towards the script.


THEA4820 - Company Workshop (Group Developed Theatre): Graduate and undergraduate level. Teaching student actors, directors, writers, designers and managers the process of developing new plays from conceptualization through production and performance. Includes a strong emphasis on the rehearsal and performance process.


THEA5750 - Repertory Theatre Production: Working with students in a hands-on environment with the professional Old Lyric Repertory Company.


THEA2550 - Stage Management: Teaches the fundamentals of stage management including leadership, communication, organization, responsibilities and skills of the position.





USU1330 - Civilization: Creative Arts: Undergraduate level general education course exploring the history, practice and influence of the arts through history. Includes theatre, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, opera, and so forth.


THEA6010 - Introduction to Graduate Study in Theatre: Teaches the process of starting and maintaining a successful and productive 3-year career as a graduate student, MFA candidate and Graduate Assistant at USU.


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