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a full-length play by Shawn Fisher


Nell Davenport and her boyfriend Brooks, skip out on a stint at rehab and break-in to the family's summer cottage on a picturesque Adirondack lake. When the rest of the family arrives to spend the Fourth of July without her, fireworks fly and family conflicts begin anew. Her mother, the well-known TV psychologist Dr. Kitty, attempts to control her wayward daughter and Nell's father, a gentle albeit passive Professor tries to keep the peace. When Nell's older brother Mitch unexpectedly shows up from medical school, Brooks learns quickly which buttons to push to bring out the truth about the family.

- Produced as a workshop production by Fusion Theatre Project, Utah State University, directed by Shawn Fisher.


- Staged Reading scheduled September 2016, Salt Lake Acting Company


- Currently in development for professional production


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