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S  H  A  W  N    F  I  S  H  E  R

D E S I G N / T E C H N O L O G Y   C O U R S E S   T A U G H T


THEA5590/6590 Design Studies: Graduate level studio course involving all primary areas of design including Set, Lighting, Costume, Sound, Projection, Props, Makeup and Hair. This is the core course for all MFA students and caters to the individual needs and specializations of each student. This course is taken every semester by each MFA candidate.


THEA4510/6510 - Advanced Scene Design: Graduate and undergraduate level. Design styles include evocative, sculptural, abstract, selected realism, historical, naturalism, and others. 


THEA3510 - Scene Design: Undergraduate level fundamentals course. Focuses on research, craft, drawing, painting, character, story, presentation, materials, basic drafting, model building and so forth.


THR260 - Beginning Design: Undergraduate level fundamentals course. Focused on three areas of design: Sets, Lights and Sound.


THEA6550 - Rendering for the Stage: Advanced Graduate and undergraduate level course. Focuses on drawing, painting and computer rendering.


THEA5510/6580 - Computer Aided Design for Theatre: Graduate and undergraduate team-taught course focusing on programs such as Photoshop, Vectorworks, Illustrator and so forth, as part of the design process.


THEA2500/6500 - Drafting: Undergraduate course. Combination of both hand and computer drafting for theatre. Includes groundplans, elevations, section drawings, cabinet drawings, isometric projections, orthographic projections, rear elevations and so forth.


THEA2510/6555 - Scene Painting: Graduate and undergraduate course. Teaches the fundamentals of large scale painting, layout, additive color theory & mixing, materials, tools, gridding, translucencies and so forth.


THEA2540 - Lighting Design: Undergraduate course teaching the fundamentals of lighting design and technology. This includes subtractive color theory and mixing, equipment, basic electrical theory and safety, character, story, time, movement, saturation, focus and so forth.


THEA1513 - Stagecraft: Undergraduate course teaching the fundamentals of scenic production, construction, safety, equipment, materials and industry standards.


THEA5900/6900/6910/6920 - Special Projects/Research Studies/Graduate Studies: Graduate and undergraduate project-based courses that vary as per the needs of individual advanced students.


THEA6930 - Theatre Production Portfolio: Graduate course that prepares students to enter the profession with strong, marketable and professional design portfolios.



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